Proteomic data analysis on the Galaxy Server

The resources page of our website now contains a full list of proteomics software available through the Norwegian Galaxy server, with a short description of how to get started.

Galaxy is a web-based platform for data intensive life science research that provides users with a unified, easy-to-use graphical interface to a host of different analysis tools. These tools can be run interactively, one by one, or combined into multi-step workflows that can be executed as a single analysis.

The Norwegian Galaxy server is maintained by ELIXIR Norway and can be accessed at:

Users associated with a Norwegian University can log in using a FEIDE account and will have access to 200 Gb storage space. Galaxy is also directly linked to NeLS (Norwegian e-Infrastructure for Life Sciences) and data within NeLS can be directly analyzed in Galaxy without transfer.

Visit the resources page of the NAPI website to access the full list of software tools.

Please note that there are multiple general tools available also, not included in our list.

Published Sep. 6, 2021 11:11 AM - Last modified Sep. 6, 2021 11:11 AM