If you would like to discuss a new project, you can make a general enquiry by contacting the NAPI administrative manager, or you can contact a specific NAPI core facility directly. Researchers outside of Norway who are interested in working with our partners should also feel free to contact the NAPI project leader or administrative manager.

Users who publish MS data generated in collaboration with a NAPI core facility should acknowledge the core facility in the relevant manuscript. A template acknowledgements text is available here.

Contact details for individual NAPI partners are available on our partners page.

General Enquiries

Joseph Robertson, Administrative Manager/Senior Advisor


Contact for: all general enquiries related to NAPI administration; enquiries about ongoing NAPI projects, or new projects requiring proteomics services offered by NAPI.



Tuula Nyman, Project Manager


Contact for: enquiries related to NAPI management/funding



NAPI Core Facilities

Oslo University Hospital/University of Oslo Proteomics Core Facility (PCF-OUS)


Special expertise and roles in NAPI: Clinical applications, antibody-based assays, phosphorylation-based signaling

University of Oslo Proteomics Core Facility


Special expertise and roles in NAPI: Analysis of post-translational modifications (PTMs)

Proteomics Unit, University of Bergen (PROBE)


Special expertise and roles in NAPI: Development of quantitative techniques and bioinformatics tools

Proteomics and Modomics Experimental Core, NTNU


Special expertise and roles in NAPI: Epigenetics/epitranscriptomics (Modomics), PTM analysis


MS and Proteomics Core Facility, NMBU


Special expertise and roles in NAPI: Functional analysis of mixed microbial communities using integrated meta-omics


Tromsø University Proteomics Platform


Special expertise and roles in NAPI: detection of protein binding partners and protein interactions, PTM analysis

Visiting address

The NAPI Project Manager and Adminstrative Manager are based at the Department of Immunology at Rikshospitalet, Oslo.

Full address details:

Department of Immunology
Institute of Clinical Medicine
Sognsvannsveien 20
0372 Oslo