MS instruments

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is today based on high-resolution instruments with high mass accuracy.

This development started around a decade ago and since then, advances in Orbitrap and QTOF instrumentation have occured at a rapid pace.

Over a five year period commencing in 2020, NAPI began upgrading the instrumentation at its various nodes with next generation high-resolution MS-instruments. We will install a range of different instruments that comply with the different expertise areas at each node. NAPI thereby ensures that researchers in Norway always have access to cutting-edge instrumentation that is well-suited to the specific needs of individual projects.

  • sachin_flex timsTOF fleX

    A Bruker timsTOF fleX instrument, which combines ESI and MALDI imaging, was installed in January 2021 at the Proteomics Core Facility at the Institute for Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital (PCF-OUS).

  • morten_running_cs_crop timsTOF Pro

    The timsTOF Pro instrument from Bruker is now installed at the NAPI core facilities at the Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo, and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

  • tromso-exploris_crop2 Orbitrap Exploris

    The Tromsø University Proteomics Platform has now installed a new Orbitrap Exploris from Thermo Scientific.

  • img_5232 Orbitrap Eclipse

    The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Eclipse arrived at the Proteomics Unit at the University of Bergen (PROBE) in November 2020.