NAPI Kick Off Seminar

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The National network of Advanced Proteomics Infrastructure (NAPI) is a new national platform that drives progress in proteomics and mass spectrometry-based research across Norway.

NAPI provides researchers with access to the latest cutting-edge proteomics instruments, analytical techniques and bioinformatics tools.

We are pleased to announce the NAPI kick-off meeting, which takes place digitally on Friday 5th March 2021, 9:00-12:00.

Join us to learn more about the research activities and future goals of NAPI, as well as how we can provide valuable expertise for a broad range of research projects.

Talks will be aimed at a wide and varied research audience - proteomics/mass spectrometry expertise is not required.

Attendance is free of charge. You can register by simply providing your name and email address.

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We look forward to welcoming you on March 5th.


9:00-9:15. Tuula Nyman/Joseph Robertson. An introduction to the National network of Advanced Proteomics Infrastructure

9:15-9:45. Frode Berven. The Proteomics Unit at UiB: instrumentation, methods, possibilities and examples of scientific projects

9:45-10:15. Cathrine Broberg Vågbø. DNA and RNA modification analysis: what, why and how?

10:15-10:30. Break

10:30-11:05. Janne Lehtiö. Proteogenomics in cancer precision medicine

11:05-11:25. Christina Bell/Bruker Daltonics. New acquisition methods levaraging the speed and sensitivity of PASEF: dia-PASEF and prm-PASEF

11:25-11:45. Claire Dauly/Thermo Scientific. Informed data acquisition and processing for maximum confidence in peptide identification and quantification

11:45-12:00. Tuula Nyman/Joseph Robertson. Summary and closing remarks

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